About Us

Roadside Buddy

Helping people deal with one of life's most frustrating unexpected events — a Vehicle Breakdown — is the mission behind RoadSide Buddy, Using our Mobile App, it will cut out the "middle man" and give users direct access to local roadside service providers.
With RoadSide Buddy, help is never far away. You don't have to talk to an operator or third-party company, and you never have to walk down the road searching for a gas station or thumbing for a ride. You just tap a provider in the app to get help.
Services available from RoadSide Buddy includes jump starts, Key lock-out assistance, fuel delivery, tire repair/replacement and towing. Users can also make custom requests for unusual situations. The app is designed to be effortless: After downloading and registering with RoadSide Buddy, users simply open the app to make a request for help. The app incorporates GPS technology so that service providers know exactly where to go. Users select a local provider, and help arrives in just minutes.